Players Will Find Features Of MyCareer And MyPark In NBA 2K18

The latest gameplay NBA 2K8 will feature a new semi-open world mode. The developers announced that NBA 2K18 is a successful basketball video gameplay. 2K Games continues with the goal of pushing the limits of what a sports game can be. The Neighborhood is not the only novelty we'll find in NBA 2K18. More several changes will be presented, including the game's franchise mode.

The biggest addition of NBA 2K18 is The Neighborhood, it name will be The Neighborhood and in it players will find features of MyCareer, MyPark and Pro-Am to create a shared world experience between players. What this means is that you can participate in various multiplayer events to get different prizes. Follow this link: to see more news related to it.

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by nba2k18news | 2017-09-28 18:57